The Rookies – Competition

A while ago I enetered the Rookies competition with Jewelry 3d designs collection project in the category of Product Design. I wish to bring to life entire animal inspired jewelry collection, so that’s worth to try.

Before this year “The Rookies” was also known as CG Student of the year.

You can see my enry here

I was dreaming about making my own collection based on my ideas and sketches… Ideally 100% original.

The collection itself is a mix of celtique, polynesian style and the Jungle Book of Kipling.  Animal inspired jewelry designs from the heart of jungles and oceans. Inspiration coming from animal theme, organic and nature and I do love the style of organic jewelry as it gives a sense of soul of those animals that were inspirational points. It tells a story.

Gorilla pendant concept design
Skull pendant design
Feminine Ring design

I do plan on 3d printing and casting the collection and I hope to win in this competition and fullfill my dream.

The booklet can be found here