Hello, I’m Alexander Timoschuk, an independent 3D Artist and 3D Sculptor. Find me on InstagramArtstation and Behance

All my design skills are related to avatars and 3d characters, and I love sculpting them in Zbrush for renders, animations and collectibles. Right now I’m also working with environment design, integrating work into metaverse spaces, static form animation algorithms and AR/VR technologies.

Metaverse content
Avatars (Personal Digital Identity) /Ambient virtual space design
Supervising online events / Virtual video production
Digital content transformation for AR/VR

Zbrush 3d Sculpting
Creatures / Celebrities
Sculptures / Animals / Characters

Maya / Character 3D Rendering and Animation
Marvelous Designer / Substance Painter

3D Jewelry Design
Concept art and 3d design of Organic/Animal/Nature jewelry